Obtained by: Edit

War Stadium Shop

Participating in War Stadium

Special Events

Obtainable Loot Edit

Kirynite Fate Weapon Scroll

Kirynite Fate Armor Scroll

Kirynite Fate Trinket Scroll

Noire Fate Weapon Scroll

Noire Fate Armor Scroll

Noire Fate Trinket Scroll

X-MK III Fate Weapon Scroll

X-MK III Fate Armor Scroll

X-MK III Fate Trinket Scroll

Ebonwolf Fate Weapon Scroll

Ebonwolf Fate Armor Scroll

Ebonwolf Fate Trinket Scroll

Hephaestus Fate Armor Scroll

Hephaestus Fate Trinket Scroll

EXP Elixir (L)

Brain Age

Gold Bullion

Gold Bar

Burst Elixir


Grade Elixir



Enchanting Stone

War Soul Elixir

Refining stone

Refining jade

Wing Upgrader

Ebonwolf Shard

Hanzo Shard

Peony Shard

Hephaestus Shard

Relic Chest Key

Array Page

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