Pit your heroes against other players and reap the glory of the champions! Deploy your best heroes in the high-speed seasonal tournaments of the War Stadium.


  1. You must be LV 40 with more than 5 heroes (including the main hero).
  2. Each War Stadium season has 2 main phases:
    • a.  Qualifiers  
    • b.  Finals
  3. Each War Stadium tournament starts Mon, Wed and Fri. Each tournament lasts 2 days.
  4. Registration and Qualifiers are held on Day 1. Finals are held on Day 2.
  5. Qualifiers: Field 1 team of 5 heroes. Your main hero must be in the team. You must win every match in order to advance to the Finals.
  6. Finals: Field 3 teams of 3 heroes in each team. Reach LV 50 to field 5 teams. Only 1 of each hero type may be deployed: Front, Mid and Rear. Mages can be assigned in Mid or Rear. Your main hero does not have to be deployed.
  7. During the Preparation Phase of the Finals, you can choose to vote who’s going to win in each Finals match. You’ll get a reward if your voted team wins!


The next level of hero evolution. Each hero is destined for greatness, and with that destiny, comes their Gears of Fate. In the bid for glory against other challengers in the War Stadium, you can also earn Points and exchange them for Fate Gear pieces. Fate Gear is only available to some heroes for now.


  1. The entire Fate Gear set comprises 1 Weapon, 2 Armor and 2 Trinket equipment pieces.
  2. Each hero will have its own specific Fate Gear.
  3. Each Fate equipment piece can be obtained by combining respective Fate equipment piece scrolls.
  4. Fate Gear equipment piece scrolls can be traded at the War Stadium Shop in exchange for War Stadium Points.
  5. Earn War Stadium Points by winning matches in the War Stadium.
  6. You must upgrade all Armor and Trinket pieces into Fate Gear first before upgrading your hero’s weapon into a Fate Weapon.
  7. Chests obtained at the War Stadium also have a chance to drop materials that craft Fate Gear.


  1. Fate Weapon (buffs Awakening and basic attacks): 5 Fate Weapon Shards + 5 Crimsonite + Refine Lvl 5
  2. Fate Armor (buffs 10% to be immune to DMG when receiving basic attacks): 5 Fate Armor Shards + 5 Crimsonite + 5 Refine Lvl 5
  3. Fate Boots (buffs -15% received skill DMG): 5 Fate Armor Shards + 5 Crimsonite + 5 Refine Lvl 5
  4. Fate Necklace (buffs +10% CRIT): 5 Fate Trinket Shards + 5 Crimsonite + Refine Lvl 5
  5. Fate Ring (buffs +25% CRIT DMG): 5 Fate Trinket Shards + 5 Crimsonite + Refine Lvl 5


Item Amount Cost
Dragoon Shard 5 3000
Hanzo Shard 5 800
Peony Shard 5 800
Hephaestus Shard 5 800
Ebonwolf Shard 5 1000
Crimsonite 1 1000
War Stadium Chest 3 500
Ebonwolf Fate Trinket/Armor 1 2000
Ebonwolf Fate Weapon 1 3000
Hephaestus Fate Armor/Trinket 1 2000
X-MK III Fate Trinket/Armor 1 1500
X-MK III Fate Weapon 1 2000
Noire Fate Trinket/Armor 1 1500
Noire Fate Weapon 1 2000
Kirynite Fate Trinket/Armor 1 1500
Kirynite Fate Weapon 1 2000