Brave Cross - Ten Eunuch Rebellion Campaign

Brave Cross - Ten Eunuch Rebellion Campaign

The ten sinister Eunuchs of the Noble's royal courts have banded together to revolt in a bid to usurp the throne. Calling upon their alternate dimension aspects, and combining it with their court fire magic, they have amassed an army of formidable clones.

Mission ObjectiveEdit

An endless game mode, where waves of exactly ten Eunuchs continually spawn, each wave slightly stronger than the last. "Elite Eunuchs" occasionally spawn, with much higher stats than their normal counterparts, but that have a chance to drop gems. The goal is to clear as many Eunuchs as possible.


2 attempts daily


  • Relic Chest Keys
  • Gems
  • Exp Elixirs
  • War Souls
  • Refining Materials

Recommended HeroesEdit

Any heroes that can clear waves without relying on awakenings, such as:
  • Kitsune
  • Chanteuse
  • Imperion