Brave Cross - Ten Eunuch Rebellion Campaign02:38

Brave Cross - Ten Eunuch Rebellion Campaign

The ten sinister Eunuchs of the Noble's royal courts have banded together to revolt in a bid to usurp the throne. Calling upon their alternate dimension aspects, and combining it with their court fire magic, they have amassed an army of formidable clones.

Mission ObjectiveEdit

Quell the rebellion by clearing wave after wave of Elite eunuchs and their lesser clones. Destroy as many as you can within the time limit of 120 seconds.


  1. Fire Blast: (Basic Attack) the Elite eunuchs and lesser eunuchs depend on a twisted version of their court entertainment spell - the fire blast - in order to deal AOE damage to enemies unfortunate enough to get within 300 range of them, with a chance of setting them on fire. Enemies set on fire take persistent burn damage and are temporarily disabled as they run around trying to put out the flames.


2 attempts daily


Recommended HeroesEdit

  • Starseer-0 Imperion Flamefist Lucence Skylon Fleur

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