Brave Cross - Trailer HD

Brave Cross - Trailer HD

The Emperor's lands have long been plagued with civil strife among the Imperials, Nobles and Rebels. Seizing the opportunity, the mysterious Goldcloth army has staged a revolt against the Emperor. Against the forces of mythical behemoths and corrupt magic, the three factions have banded together to fight the common evil.

On the eve of this massive chaos, the star of Sirius fell from the sky, a phenomenon never witnessed before across the kingdoms. The mark of a heroic beginning? Or the spark of a doomed destiny?


  1. Enemies in the Snowfield
    1. Goldcloth Sentry
    2. Snowy Camp
    3. Snowy Pass
    4. Snowy City
  2. Uprisings Everywhere
    1. Barren Bog
    2. Camp in Forest
    3. Dried Woods
    4. Wetland Jungle
  3. Battle of Graveyard
    1. Thunder Rift
    2. Behemoth Array
    3. Zion's Camp
    4. Serene Tomb
  4. Sandune Chaos
    1. Desert Oasis
    2. Desert Village
    3. Army Camp
    4. Darkwind Ridge
  5. Battle of Pynryn
    1. Grassland Camp
    2. Winding Fort
    3. Demon Lair
    4. Beauty Pass
  6. Powerful Officials' Torment
    1. Gate Battle
    2. Barn Busters
    3. Chief Camp
    4. General's Tomb
  7. Plot in Forest
    1. Giantwood
    2. Cannibal Brush
    3. Phoenix Nest
    4. Serpent Hole
  8. City Contest
    1. City Gate
    2. Teahouse
    3. Chateau
    4. Dark Lane
  9. Dungeon Strom
    1. Prison Gate
    2. Trap
    3. Execution Pillar
    4. Jail Entrance