Astral soul system

Starsoul TypesEdit

Starsouls are divided into Gold Starsouls, EXP Starsouls, and Buff Starsouls

Gold Starsouls EXP Starsouls Buff Starsouls
These can be sold:

  • Star Dust
  • Star Shard
  • Star Core
  • Zenko
  • Offensive
  • Defensive
  • CRIT
  • Survival
  • DMG Bouns
  • HP Restore
  • DEG Reduce
  • Status RES
  • Final DMG
  • Skill DMG Reduce
  • Balanced
Sell them to earn some quick cash Provide 500 Starsoul EXP, which is used to enhance Buff Starsouls.

Starsoul GradesEdit

Junk, Common, Superior, Rare, Epic, Legend, Mythic


  • For Gold Starsouls


  • For EXP Starsouls

Superior, Rare, Epic, Legend, Mythic

  • Buff Starsoul grades. Starsouls of different grades have varying stats.

* Mythic Starsouls are not available yet

Starsoul StarsEdit

Superior, Rare, Epic, Legend, Mythic respectively are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Stars

Embed StarsoulsEdit

  • Buff Starsouls can be embedded on a specific class, boosting all stats of that appointed class.
  • Each class has 11 slots to embed
  • StarTiers are unlocked according to player LV

* 10th and 11th slots are currently locked

Slots LV Req Slots LV Req
1 50 7 65
2 50 8 68
3 50 9 70
4 55 10 75
5 60 11 80
6 62

Some StarTiers can only be embedded with Mythic Starsouls

  • 1 class can’t equip 2 Starsouls of the same kind
  • When a Starsoul is embedded, each hero’s stat boost is displayed in the stat menu.
  • Starsouls can be automatically embedded
- Embed All Conditions: Empty slots available, and suitable Starsouls present
- Embed All Priority: Grade > LV EXP > Obtained Sequence
- When Embed All is selected, Starsouls in your inventory will be embedded in the selected hero’s StarTiers in embedding priority, till all StarTiers are full, or there are no more suitable Starsouls left.

Starsoul UpgradeEdit

  • Buff Starsouls have 10 levels
  • Buff Starsouls can devour other unequipped Starsouls to increase their own LV
  • Starsoul devouring EXP = Basic Grade EXP + Current Starsoul EXP req from LV 1 to current LV + Current EXP
- Basic Grade EXP
Starsoul LV Devour EXP Starsoul LV Devour EXP
Common 500 Epic 240
Superior 60 Legend 480
Rare 120 Mythic 960
- Owned EXP
Owned EXP = Current Starsoul EXP req from LV 1 to current LV + Current EXP
  • Starsoul Bag
- Saves all unequipped Starsouls
- Has a carry limit
  • Starsoul Combine All
- Manual Combine
You can choose any Starsouls in the bag that can be converted into EXP, and feed them to the Starsoul which you wish to upgrade.
- Select All Starsouls
a) When choosing Starsouls, you can use this option to choose all Starsouls in the bag that meet the current conditions.
b) Select All will choose Common, Rare, Superior grade Starsouls.
c) During Select All, when the Starsoul to be upgraded reaches its max LV, no more selection will take place.
  • Auto-Combine All
- Low-grade Starsouls in the bag will be automatically combined into a higher-grade one.
- Combine Range: All Common, Superior, Rare Starsouls at LV 1 and 0 EXP.
- Combine Objective: First highest grade Starsoul (excluding Common) within Combine Range.
- Combine Conditions: Starsouls that meet Combine Objective and Combine Range, and have more than 1 identical Starsoul.
- Starsoul Combine All consumes low-grade Starsouls and convert them into EXP for higher-grade Starsouls.