The nemesis of all mounted troops, Spearman are experts at dishing out poison damage using poison-tipped spears when they awaken.

CMD CostEdit

4 points


DPS (Single-target, small AOE), Anti-calvary


Cavalry, Pachyderm


Archer, Catapult


Skill Description
Spear Counter When knocked back or away, the Spearman blocks damage and deals basic damage to the attacker.
Piercing Reduction Grants immunity to stunning effects and reduces damage taken from Archers by 80%.
Blacksmith Support troop who repairs Footman shields.
Spear Combo 20% chance to perform a quick 3-hit combo on 3 units in front, dealing (ATK*65%) DMG.


Awakening Description
Toxic Spear Hurls the spear in hand. When hitting the target, there will be toxic fog damaging up to 6 units within 350 range for 70% ATK and poisoning them for 4s.

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