Chapter 3: Snowon Edit

The third legion boss you can battle against

Bonus time: defeat within 3 days to gain +200 personal resources (legion coin)

Monster Skills: Edit

Water PrisonEdit

  • Cast a water prison that engulfs the entire screen, dealing 200% ATK DMG to all targets, 35% chance to trap targets in water bubbles (Tap on water bubbles 5 times to pop them)

Gale PillarEdit

  • Summon force gales that deal 150% ATK DMG to all targets, instantly kills any targets in water bubbles.

Demonic CharmEdit

  • When attacked by male heros (besides the main hero) 15% chance to charm that hero into fighting its own allies for 7s (charmed heroes can gain rage and use skills against allies). Immune to Rage and DEF reduction effects.

Ephemeral MirageEdit

  • Summon 10 wind pixies that deal 120% ATK DMG to random enemies every second. Tap on each pixie 4 times to kill it

Recommended Heroes: Edit






Strategy: Edit

It is recommended to not bring any male heroes into battle, due to Snowon charm ability.

When Snowon summons her wind pixies, quickly tap on them to destroy them, wind pixies are Snowons main damaging skill, and can cause you to quickly loose your heroes and deployed troops.

For maximum damage, the recommended team is: Sohee, Luna, Frostbow, Fate Noire.

Loot: Edit