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Relics are upgraded via material consumption.

Relic upgrading is akin to leveling up, where Relics consume materials as EXP.

Materials used for Tactics and Mount leveling differ, along with material EXP gained. Prioritize the specific consumable material needed, then use your general materials, prioritizing low-consumption ones first.

Relic upgrades provide relevant attribute and BP bonuses. Relic upgrade level can’t exceed Hero level.

Specific Material

Tactics Enhancement EXP Mount Enhancement EXP
Trainee Tactics Page50Trainee Mount Feed50
Interim Tactics Page120Interim Mount Feed120
Advanced Tactics Page220Advanced Mount Feed220

General Material

Tactics Enhancement EXP Mount Enhancement EXP

The Auto-Add function will choose material from the "Specific Material" list first before using material from the "General Material" list. Excess experience will always be carried over to next level, but at "Burst" levels will not be applied until Burst requirements at meet.

Every 5 levels, Relics require an additional Burst in order to level up further. Burst materials quantities vary at different levels but use Arena points for Tactics Enhancement and Lair points for Mount Enhancements.  After a Relic Burst, if there was any excess experience it is now carried over from the previous level.

For additional information on Burst;