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Basic Information Edit

Relic Chest draws are 1x and 10x. Each draw grants 1 Chest Pt, which are used for item trades at the Relic Shop.

It’s recommended to use free draws first, then Relic Chest Keys, then Gems.

You get 1 free draw daily. Free draws reset at 05:00.

Relic Chest Keys are only used to open Relic Chests. If you have fewer than 10 Keys in your bag, 10x Draws will consume Gems.

Gem ConsumptionEdit

Chest Draw x1  ,  Gems x80Relic Chest Key x1
Chest Draw x10  ,  Gems x680Relic Chest Key x10
200 War Stadium Honor PtsRelic Chest Key x1
1000 War Stadium Honor PtsRelic Chest Key x5
800 Personal ContributionRelic Chest Key x3
500 Lair CoinsAdvanced Tactics Page x3 (random)
500 Lair CoinsAdvanced Mount Feed x3 (random)

Obtain by Edit

Spin Edit

Relic Chest Key also may obtain from Blue Spin or Golden Spin. 


VIP Edit

VIP 6: Both monthly card and premium monthly card generate 1 Relic Chest Key daily, remember to claim your daily monthly card reward.


Ten Eunchs Rebellion Edit

Ten Eunuchs Rebellion: Have chances to drop relic chest key after 100 kills.


3 Heroes VS Imperion Edit

3 Heroes VS Imperion: Have a chance to get relic chest key (except in Easy mode).


Legion Boss Asura Edit

Legion Boss Asura: Have a chance to drop relic chest key.


Relic Chest List Edit

Item 161

Warring Artisan Page

Item 162

Darkron Annals Page

Item 163

Myriad Tactics Page

Item 164

Heroic Insights Page

Item 165

Celestial Tome Page

Item 166

Divine Defense Page

Item 167

Analects Page

Item 168

Verdant Volume Page

Item 169

Crimson mare Spirit

Item 170

Hex mark Spirit

Item 172

Amber Bolt Spirit

Item 173

Jade Lion Spirit

Item 174

Obsidian Spirit

Item 175

Ivory Dragon Spirit

Item 176

Swiftsand Spirit

Item 177

Trainee Tactics Page

Item 178

Interim Tactics Page

Item 179

Advanced Tactics Page

Item 88


Item 89


Item 103

War Soul Elixir x5

Item 18

Grade Elixir x5

Item 12

Nut Cake

Item 12

Nut Cake x2

Ui zuanshi

Gems x88

Ui zuanshi

Gems x188

Ui zuanshi

Gems x288

Item 160

Paradox Pebble

Item 2

Gold Bar x5

Item 2

Gold Bar x2

Relic Chest Point SHOP Edit

Material Chest Pts.
Warring Artisan Page250
Darkron Annals Page250
Myriad Tactics Page250
Heroic Insights Page250
Celestial Tome Page250
Divine Defense Page250
Analects Page250
Verdant Volume Page250
Crimson Mare Spirit250
Hex Mark Spirit250
Zen Shadow Spirit250
Amber Bolt Spirit250
Jade Lion Spirit250
Obsidian Spirit250
Ivory Dragon Spirit250
Swiftsand Spirit250
Advanced Tactics Page5
Advanced Mount Feed5
Paradox Pebble20