Faction Sellsword
Class Warrior
Profession Tanker, Crowd Control
Rarity Rare

Hailed as the most ravishing of them all, this reticent but ruthless maiden has taken up the blade as her swearing of vengeance. Her murder list is best kept unknown though she is infamous for her cold and violent nature. Using dimension-stopping magic, she can simultaneously ensure her allies survive while opponents are whittled down, with all the drama and flair of an enigmatic warrior maiden.

Character InformationEdit

"I can't make my choice among all these suave heroes!"
~~Peony; Brave Cross

Peony's artwork in Brave Cross

Peony the Warrior Maiden is a front warrior with high survivability and a devastating Control Awakening ulti that allows her team to deal more damage while opponents are completely disabled. Her basic attacks have a decent chance of proc-ing repeated slashes, wearing down any warriors unfortunate enough to come too close to her.


Ui words384 en Sellswords


Warrior Warrior


Tank, Crowd Control, Front DPS


Warrior Equipment


Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
0 - - 13 42 70 98 127 155 183 212
10 240 268 297 325 353 410 438 467 495 523
20 580 552 580 608 637 665 693 722 750 778
30 807 835 863 892 920 948 977 1954 2780 3607
40 4434 5260 6087 6913 7740 8566 9393 10219 11049 11873
50 12699 13013 13117 13221 13324 13428 13532 13636 13739 13843
60 13947 17334 18241 19148 20054 20961 21868 22775 23681 24588
70 25495


Base Stats Edit

Star Level:

Other Stats Edit

Frost RES:
Fire RES:
Thunder RES:

Rating Edit

Star Level Shards Needed Gold Needed SUR DPS SUP





Upgrade Edit


Growth Table

Quality Level Requirement Grade Elixir Gold
Rare 1 Item 18 x 2 80
Rare+1 25 Item 18 x 4 2600
Rare+2 30 Item 18 x 6 9750
Epic 38 Item 18 x 15 17800
Epic+1 40 Item 18 x 20 26800
Epic+2 42 Item 18 x 30 33000
Epic+3 44 Item 18 x 50 97500
Legend 50 Item 18 x 80 162500
Legend+1 55 Item 18 x 100 283000
Legend+2 60 Item 18 x 150 445000
Legend+3 65 Item 18 x 200 445000



Dazzling Beauty
Dazzling Beauty




Peony unleashes a flurry of cherry blossoms that halt all enemies, stopping them in time for up to 5 seconds (5 Star Peony, beginning with 3 seconds at 3 Stars), while increasing her and her team's ATK SPD greatly (attack intervals reduced by 1 s). Her team is allowed to hit all enemies with basic attacks and Awakenings activated prior to Dazzling Beauty but cannot awaken during the time-stop. Peony cannot get Rage during the skill's duration.




Talents Edit

Basic Attack Edit

Peony hits a single enemy for 150% ATK. She has a 25% chance of striking the same opponent a second-time. The animation of each strike has Peony swiping twice or in a circular flourish with cherry blossoms, hitting the opponent for 1 set of 2 numbers.

Talent Edit

Rank Talent Description
Superior Sympathy When in battle, form a pact with a random friendly male hero to share part of own DMG received. Bound male hero also gains Rage from shared DMG (Excludes main hero. If  there are no male heroes on the field, this talent will not trigger. If attacks don't trigger Rage, bound hero doesn't gain Rage either).
Rare Expose Armor 2 Ignores 14% target DEF when attacking
Epic Rage 4 Increases base Rage by 25 when joining battle
Legend Bloodthirst 4 Converts 25% of damage dealt into HP
Mythic Forever Bloom +30% ATK SPD and +30% CRIT DMG. When a basic attack deals damage twice, the 2nd attack will deal 2x damage.


Valiant Riders DMG Rage and DMG Immune rate +12%


Winged Tiger Melee DMG, Bow DMG, and MAG immune rate +12% Max Final DMG Reduce +10%

Obtained byEdit

Peony was a promo Hero during the first week of every server. Players have to achieve 52,000 BP in 7 days and be VIP lvl 5 in order to acquire a reward of Peony, Frostbow and Fleurine shards.

  1. War Stadium Shop (800 War Stadium Coins)
  2. War Stadium Chest (random)
  3. City Siege held-city (Lvorfang)
  4. Random Grand Hero events
  5. Omnishards


Peony is a hugely popular Hero due to her fast Rage generation, synergy with a male Hero (replenishing their Rage at the expense of taking 10% of DMG inflicted to Peony), as well as her potent crowd control Awakening.

Peony's Awakening does not interrupt but merely delays opponents' Awakenings. If two Peonys were to activate their Dazzling Beauty skills at almost the same time, the later one will take immediate effect after the first one's duration.

Peony's Awakening can be interrupted. A well-timed ulti that can interrupt will prevent the time-stopping in its entirety. Hence, popular counters against Peony teams often include Noire and Hanzo.

Although it is stated that Peony's Awakening reduces the ATK intervals of ally Heroes by 1 second, the reverse happens instead. Ally Heroes are limited to basic attacks that are slightly slower than when not under her Awakening's effects.



Zhang Chunhua's artwork in Dynasty Warriors 7

Historically, Peony is based off Zhang Chunhua (Zhāng Chūnhuá (张春华) [1], often fictionally adapted to depict her as a glove-wire armed lady who can suspend and trap enemies with her threads [2].


Rare Hero