Faction Noble
Class Bard
Profession Damage
Rarity Common

  A lovestruck Noble maiden whenever she's with Lucence, the light of her life. Otherwise, she's a carefree, gutsy, one-woman rampage straight out of the netherworld. Unlike her strategist lover, she prefers to take the most straightforward path in battle - to cause the most destruction in the shortest time possible. It amazes all that her zither can survive the power held in her fists, especially when it is always used in her martial sequence to rain hellish blows on foes.

Character InformationEdit

"Someone's invited me to admire the night's blooms! I'm gushing already!"
~~Noire; Brave Cross

Noire's artwork in Brave Cross

Noire the Younger Qiao is a Mid-row bard Hero who depends on ranged and melee skills to control enemies and deal massive damage. Her basic attacks strike multiple foes with chances of stunning opponents, effectively interrupting any channeling skills; while her Awakening ulti instantly interrupts and locks the closest enemy Hero; pummeling him/her into the sky. She is often used in Control-oriented teams and is a common counter against Tanks to cancel their Awakenings.


Ui words383 en Nobles


Bard Bard


Damage, Control, Awakening disruptor


Bard Equipment


Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
0 - - 13 42 70 98 127 155 183 212
10 240 268 297 325 353 410 438 467 495 523
20 580 552 580 608 637 665 693 722 750 778
30 807 835 863 892 920 948 977 1954 2780 3607
40 4434 5260 6087 6913 7740 8566 9393 10219 11049 11873
50 12699 13013 13117 13221 13324 13428 13532 13636 13739 13843
60 13947 17334 18241 19148 20054 20961 21868 22775 23681 24588
70 25495

Stats Edit

Base Stats Edit

Star Level:



Other Stats Edit

ATK SPD: Normal
Frost RES: 5
Fire RES: 5
Thunder RES: 5

Rating Edit

Star Level Shards Needed Gold Needed SUR DPS SUP


Ui hero11 X 50 B S C+


Ui hero11 X 100


Ui hero11 X 150



Upgrade Edit


Growth Table

Quality Level Requirement Grade Elixir Gold
Rare 1 Item 18 x 2 80
Rare+1 25 Item 18 x 4 2600
Rare+2 30 Item 18 x 6 9750
Epic 38 Item 18 x 15 17800
Epic+1 40 Item 18 x 20 26800
Epic+2 42 Item 18 x 30 33000
Epic+3 44 Item 18 x 50 97500
Legend 50 Item 18 x 80 162500
Legend+1 55 Item 18 x 100 283000
Legend+2 60 Item 18 x 150 445000
Legend+3 65 Item 18 x 200 445000

War SoulEdit

Brave Edit

Flame Level 1 2 3 4 5
Cost 5000Ui jinbi
WarSouls 100%



Phoenix Dance Noire charges to the closest enemy, interrupting all actions of the target and unleashing a flurry of martial moves and strikes that literally lift the enemy feet above the ground.




Target closest enemy and deal 636% DMG, then recover 35 Rage


Target closest enemy and deal 848% DMG, then recover 35 Rage


Target closest enemy and deal 1060% DMG, then recover 35 Rage

Talents Edit

Basic Attack Edit

Noire sends out 4 shattering orbs or 6 yellow energy bolts that hit up to 4 enemies for 40% ATK. Noire regenerates 6 Rage.

Talent Edit

Rank Talent Description
Superior Unmatched Beauty Attack has 15% chance to stun target for 2s. Become immune to stun, fear and sleep.
Rare Attack Speed III ATK SPD +15%
Epic Rage V Increases base Rage by 30 when joining battle
Legend Power Leak V Reduce enemies' ATK by 17%
Mythic Flurry When awakened, immune to all damage, and attack penetrates 15% defense.


Heroes Five DMG Rage and DMG Immune rate +8%


Plumed Forest Melee DMG, Bow DMG, and MAG immune rate +8% Max Final DMG Reduce +5%


Fate Talents Edit


Noire's look when fully equipped with Fate Equipment.

When equipped with her Fate Weapon, Noire changes appearance and enhances her DPS potential, allowing her to deal DMG on par with DPS bow users but with better survivability. Her Awakening can be chained as opponents are felled.

Fate Talents require the corresponding Fate equipment to unlock. The Twin Fan Fate Weapon can only be unlocked once all other pieces have been forged and equipped.

Equipment Talent Description
Fate Weapon (Butterfly) Vermillion Basic attacks do not increase target rage, and has 25% chance to reduce target rage by 6 (Rage Loss). Each Phoenix Dance attack adds (10*Noires LV) PEN DMG. The last hit deals 200% ATK DMG splash and 100 Fire DMG to up to 5 targets within 300 range of the target (Spalsh DMG classified as Rage Loss effect. If hero is slain restore 35 Rage.
Fate Chest (ParagonBreeze) Sirius Boom 10% chance to be immune to DMG when receiving basic attacks.
Fate Shoes (ParagonBreeze) Sirius Shell -15% received skill DMG
Fate Neck (ParagonDrakedance) Clairvoyance Crit +10%
Fate Ring (ParagonDrakedance) Raging Assault Crit DMG +25%


Perfect Edit


ATK: +5%
Every 6000 BP increases effect by 2%

Temptation Edit


CRIT DMG: +10%; CRIT: +1%
Every 6000 BP increases effect by 1%

Splendor Edit


ATK: 5%
Every 6000 BP increases effect by 2%

Obtained byEdit

  1. Heroic Stages x 3
  2. Lair
  3. Gem Chest (seasonal)
  4. Gold Chest


Prior to Mythic level, Noire can still be targeted and damaged throughout her Awakening's sequence. She can interrupt and "stun-lock" the targeted enemy throughout the sequence as well.

Noire has understated potential as a disruptor. Her basic attacks can be considered an AOE, with each attack bearing a 15% chance to stun opponents at random with Unmatched Beauty. A stunned opponent will also be interrupted if caught during an awakening cast. As such, she is a popular choice against Heroes like Peony, Soulgrip and Luna.



Xiao Qiao's artwork in Dynasty Warriors 7

Historically, Noire is based off the younger of two Qiao sisters (Xiǎoqiáo (小乔) [1], often fictionally adapted to depict her as a dual-fan wielding maiden warrior [2].

Her fate equipment is based of Mai Shiranui of the King Of Fighters and Fatal Fury series.


Common Hero

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