Wielding the elements of fire and earth, Mages wreck havoc on armored troops that defend the enemy frontline. Mages become an unstoppable force when left unchecked.

CMD CostEdit

6 points




Footman, Defender


Archer, Cavalry, Catapult


Skill Description
Improved Fireball Each attack deals +6 Fire DMG.
Magic Crit Increases CRIT Rate by 30%.
Crit Mastery Increases CRIT DMG by 50%.


Awakening Description
Rockfall Summons stones from a random location above enemies, damaging up to 6 units in front for 60% ATK 3 times.

Misc. Edit

When Frostbow uses her awakening skill, Mages will also awaken. They perform their awakening skill, Rockfall, calling down huge balls of molten magma that roll through enemy lines dealing damage to all that touch it.

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