Legions can declare war against one another to vie for top spot in the rankings. A Legion Officer is required to select and declare war on another legion.

Purpose Edit

Legion wars are server wide, inter-legion events that take place daily.

Phase 1 - War Declaration Edit

This lasts from 6:00 am - 11:30 am (PDT)

Legion officers may declare war on a specific legion before the 11:30 time, else it is automatically assigned once the time expires.

Phase 2 - Darkron Attacks Edit

Darkron Attack

This takes place from 12:00 pm - 18:00 (6:00 pm) PDT

This phase is centered on gathering Banners by striking an omnipotent Darkron. The higher a player's BP, the larger the pool of banners collected in this phase. Players should remember to set their team first by pressing the upper right corner.

Players may attempt to hit Darkron 20 times for free to gain banner points. Once the rage meter is filled, players may do a rage attack on Darkron for more damage and banners. Once the 20 free times is used up, it costs 20 gems for another hit at Darkron. Players may sometimes do a critical hit for 2-3x rage and damage.

Phase 3 - Banner Conquest Edit

Banner Conquest

This takes place from 18:00 - 21:00 PDT

The next phase of the Legion war is in the form of player VS player Banner Conquest. Here, players challenge players from either the warring legion or other legions engaging in the war, to plunder banners. Be warned that players are also susceptible to being plundered, with players who secured more banners in phase 1 being more prominent in the Banner Conquest list.

Each player is allowed 3 free battles against other players to raid their Banner Points. When you select a player to battle, you will engage in an arena style battle. Winning the battle will reward you with the some Banner Points from the opposing player. Doing more than 3 battles cost 50 Gems per raid..

When attacking a player with more banners, you may loot more when you win the battle. Losing the battle results in no banners gain.

Phase 4 - Conquest Over - Winning Legion Edit

War Rewards

Rewards are handed out at 21:30 PDT

The winning legion is determined by the most number of banners acquired from both phases of the Legion War. The rewards to every Legion member include Personal Contribution Legion coins, Legion chests and Legion contribution tokens for the opening up of Legion Instances.

Legions that quit the war or players that quit the legion do not gain any rewards.

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