Legion Shop

Here you can purchase various items or hero shards using your legion coins. This refreshes every 6-8 hours and here is a list of some possible drops:

It costs 10 legion contribution to refresh the shop. Subsequent shop refreshes increase in legion coin cost.

Item Legion Coin Cost
Alice Shard x5 1200
Sohee Shard x5 1500
Lucence Shard x5 500
Unrager Shard x5 500
Red Mask Shard x5 500
Terra Shard x5 500
Frostbow Shard x5 500
Berzerker Shard x5 500
EXP Elixir (S) x50 100
EXP Elixir (L) x50 200
Grade Elixir x5 200
Burst Elixir 2000

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