Legion ModeEdit

This is the clan / guild system of Brave Cross.  

Mercenary HallEdit

  • You may place up to 3 heroes here which will earn gold over time. Every time the hero is used by a member of the legion, you earn bonus gold.
  • Heroes in the mercenary hall are available for use in the lair or single player missions. However, you cannot have 2 or more of the same hero in your party and can only hire 1 mercenary.


Battle against powerful monsters and earn valuable loot

Money TreeEdit

The money tree is available from 9:00 am - 21:00 PDT. You can water the tree every day with a cool down of 2-3 hours. You need to walk towards the tree and click it to be able to water the plant.  The tree is located to the left side of the camp. Once the tree grows (25 water), members of the legion collect hero shards, legion coins, and gold.

Legion ShopEdit

Here you can purchase various items or hero shards using your legion coins. 


  • At a very specific time of day (10 - 11 pm PDT), you may place wood at the bonfire for some rewards. You can place wood for 3 times at 2 minute cooldown each.  The bonfire is located at the right side of the map. You are rewarded with 2 EXP Elixers (L), 20 Personal Contribution / Legion Coins, and 20 Lord EXP.


  • You can walk around the legion camp and do several emoticons while chatting with the members of your legion..

Legion WarEdit

Legions can declare war against one another to vie for top spot in the rankings. A Legion Officer is required to select and declare war on another legion.

Phrase 1

War Declaration

06:00 - 11:30 (PDT)

Phrase 2

Darkron Attacks

12:00 - 18:00 (PDT)

Phrase 3

Banner Conquest

18:00 - 21:00 (PDT)

Phrase 4

Conquest Over (Winning Legion Rewards handed out)

21:30 PDT

Grand Heroes Galore Edit

The grand hero galore is a mini game that generates grand heroes shards. Roll are refresh daily at server time. Reward various from Grand heroes shards, legion contribution, gold bullion and etc.
☞☞ For more details, please refer to the following chart. ☜☜

Increased daily Legion donation limitEdit

Each legion can donate 70 times per day

  • donate 250 gems , VIP3  or up
  • donate 500 gems  , VIP6  or up
  • donate 2000 gems , VIP8  or up