Brave Cross - Lair Fights up to lair 10

Brave Cross - Lair Fights up to lair 10

The Lair is a cave trial of player's team endurance. It has a total of 15 levels, and players can contest it once a day. Defeating each level's enemies brings with it a Gold Chest reward that provides Lair Coins, Gold, items, Hero Shards, and even full hero summons. Lair Coins can also be used to trade in for rewards at the Lair Shop.

Rules, Notes and Rewards Edit

  1. Only LV 20+ heroes can participate in the Lair. You can use your full roster of heroes as long as they are greater than level 20. Gaining heroes and leveling them up to level 20 will also allow you to use them.
  2. While fighting in the Lair, both sides' HP and Rage will not reset even on the next day unless the reset / restart button is pressed. The reset/restart button refreshes everyday.
  3. At the end of each match, surviving Heroes will be given a decent Rage boost. This Rage boost is approximately 35 Rage points and can be blocked by Awakening durations that prevent Rage gain (e.g. Sohee's Watery Waltz) if active.
  4. Heroes can't be revived upon defeat. On each reset, you may revive up to 3 times with full Rage at a cost of 50 gems.
  5. If battle time expires, neither side is the victor.
  6. Each player can battle the Lair once each day. VIP11 and above players get 2 chests daily.
  7. Whenever defeating a wave of enemies, you can open a chest to get rewards including Gold, Hero Shards, or even a hero.
  8. Every 3rd Chest earns the player the following Lair Coin value: 3rd (100 Lair Coins), 6th (150), 9th (250), 12th (350) and 15th (450).
  9. You can perform a lair reset once a day. To clarify, this resets the whole lair back to the first stage and revives all your heroes. You do keep all the rewards won from doing the lair previously.

Exchange Reward (Lair Shop) Edit

Daily Reset at 21:00 PDT.

Item Amount Lair Coin Cost
Dynast Shard 5 3000
Fleur Shard 5 1500
Dire Zion Shard 5 1000
Flamefist Shard 5 500
Raider Shard 5 500
Kirynite Shard 5 500
Aria Shard 5 500
Wings Enhancer 10 500
Wings Upgrader 5 500
War Soul Elixir 5 500
Refining Stone 5 125
Refining Jade 5 250
Bronze 5 50
Linen Cloth 5 150
Iron Block 5 75
Dark Iron 5 150
Amethyst Iron 5 250
Hide 5 50
Deer Hide 5 75
Armor Scroll I 5 50
Armor Scroll II 5 75

Misc. Edit

The Lair features Unreleased Heroes for players to use in-game, such as Spiritus. These heroes appear in-game and are embedded within the game's lore.

Other Lair NPC enemies include:

  1. Bozo Bros
  2. Dozer
  3. Dire Dozer
  4. Papillon
  5. Rebounder
  6. Spiritus
  7. Tinkerer
  8. Usurper