Ingame V1-13c

The more heroes, the merrier.

Even among heroes in different factions, their fates are intertwined with one another.

Introducing the new Unity system:

Note: Unity contains many currently unobtainable heroes; only names, avatars and introductions are available. New hero info will be announced officially, so stay tuned to our news.

What is Unity?Edit

  • Collect certain hero sets to activate respective Unities and its bonuses.
  • Heroes don’t have to be deployed
  • The more powerful heroes in your set are, the better the bonuses

「Unity」 Perks Edit

  • Unity Bonuses
Basic hero attribute bonuses (before equipment, War Souls, Costumes, Wings)
  • Basic Bonuses
Collecting hero sets grant:
  • BP Bonus
For every 6000 BP gained, a bonus is added.