As the Brave Cross wars rage on, there has been talk of black markets and gambling dens sprouting across the continents hawking illustrious prizes. You walk into a dingy inn and come face to face with a doppelganger of how you once looked (at the beginning of your journey). Decked in a black garb and John Lennon shades, he calls you forward to take a gamble. Roll the die and count on your lucky stars...


The Grand Hero Galore is a mini game that generates grand hero shards. It can be found in your Legion.


  1. Grand heroes shards
  2. Grand hero boxes (chance to get grand hero shards)
  3. Legion contribution points
  4. Gold bullion
  • You have 5 die throws daily. Rewards provided depend on how many “Grands” (hero icons) you get.
  • You can claim up to 5 rewards daily. Change any die that you don’t want, and reroll to try your luck for better rolls!
  • You have 5 free rerolls daily. If you wish to reroll more than 5 times, Gems are consumed.
  • The number of single rolls increases as your rerolls increase, but so does their Gem cost.
  • Available Grand Heroes are refreshed regularly.
  • Rolls are refreshed daily at server refresh time.
Roll Grands Hero Shards Contributions Gold
6 Grands Grand Hero Shard x1 Contribution x100 Gold x150000
5 Grands Grand Hero Shard Box x2 Contribution x60 Gold x100000
4 Grands Grand Hero Shard Box x1 Contribution x30 Gold x80000
3 Grands 0 Contribution x15 Gold x50000
2 Grands 0 Contribution x10 Gold x30000
1 Grands 0 Contribution x5 Gold x15000
0 Grands 0 0 Gold x5000

Reroll CostEdit

Rerolls Gem Cost
1 10
2 10
3 20
4 30
5 30
6 50
7 50
8 100
9 150
10 150