Brave Cross - Goldcloth Invasion Campaign08:08

Brave Cross - Goldcloth Invasion Campaign

Zion has commanded a strategic strike with an astounding army of Goldcloth's best soldiers. Elite Heroes have pledged their allegiance to Zion's cause as well, dedicating themselves within the invasion, with Zion having a secret Dire form that he plans to unleash only in the final wave. This campaign is a true test of endurance, team prowess and troop strategy.

Campaign Objective Edit

Survive and defeat 40 waves of the invaing Goldcloth army.

Campaign Details Edit

At every 5 waves of the Goldcloth Invasion, an elite warrior will be in the formation. These warriors include:
Hero Description Role Invasion No.
Ponzo Goldcloth army veteran who looks like a high-ranking defected Defender Troop Tank 5
Zang Manchu Goldcloth army veteran who towers over his foes, pushing away Heroes and units alike with his huge hammer Tank 10
Dire Yin One of two Repeaters who got demonized, he devastates Rear Heroes and units with a lightning fast Awakening Tank/DPS 15
Yin & Yang Flying Repeater duo who become each others' cannon and cannonball to deal damage. Their Explosive Star Awakening devastates the entire army and cannot be evaded DPS 20
MG-X13 The blue Mecha who has aligned himself with the Goldcloth army, MG-X13 reflects damage with impunity, buffing his defensive capabilities as the battle rages on Tank/DPS 30
Zion The Goldcloth Mage general with the funky headpiece, Zion calls down AOE thunderstorms to equally damage and destroy all enemies DPS 35
Dire Zion As if unable to take defeat, Zion imbues himself with the demonic text's powers in order to become a stronger, darker version of himself; dealing massive AOE damage while controlling enemies DPS/Control 40
Enemy troops encountered throughout the Mission/story-mode of the game are present throughout the Goldcloth Invasion. These troops include:
  • Calvary (weak only VS Spearmen)
  • Cannoneers (snmall AOE attacks)
  • Dancers (support troop with small AOE attacks)
  • Frost Mages (control and magic damage)
  • Ninjas (anti-mage, anti-archer troop, can blink to rear of army)
  • Voodoo Mask Warriors (can put up a green shield to soak up damage)
  • War Elephants (knockbacks Front Heroes to the Mid row)
  • Siege Catapult (immense AOE damage to all troops)

Availability Edit

1 attempt daily

Drops Edit

Recommended Heroes Edit

  • Lucence Phantom Ui hero16 Kirynite Ui hero36 Terra

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