Brave Cross - Goldcloth Invasion Campaign

Brave Cross - Goldcloth Invasion Campaign

Campaign Objective Edit

Survive and defeat 40 waves of the invading army.

Campaign Details Edit

A boss enemy will spawn every five waves. These warriors correspond with their counterparts in the Campaign story.
Enemy troops encountered throughout the Mission/story-mode of the game are present throughout the Invasion. These troops include:
  • Calvary (weak only VS Spearmen)
  • Cannoneers (small AOE attacks)
  • Dancers (support troop with small AOE attacks)
  • Frost Mages (control and magic damage)
  • Ninjas (anti-mage, anti-archer troop, can blink to rear of army)
  • Voodoo Mask Warriors (can put up a green shield to soak up damage)
  • War Elephants (knockbacks Front Heroes to the Mid row)
  • Siege Catapult (immense AOE damage to all troops)

Availability Edit

1 attempt per Invasion daily

Drops Edit

Recommended Heroes Edit

Any either bulky front heroes or characters that can easily damage many enemies at once, such as:
  • Ronin
  • Dreadie
  • Frostbow
  • Kirynite