Faction Noble
Class Ranger
Profession Damage, Crowd Control
Rarity Common

The famed ice maiden of the Nobles. Frostbow is aloof, distant, lamenting. Her frost arrows wail out against enemies, each as if a cry for someone she longs for. Hitting her has consequences for the enemy, as they can be frozen if they gaze into her eyes for too long.

Character InformationEdit

"My fortune says I'm a tragic beauty... Hmph!"
~~Frostbow; Brave Cross

Frostbow the Ice Maiden is a Rear Ranger known for her combined prowess of DPS and Control. Her basic attacks deal damage in a small AOE, generate rage for herself, and has a chance of freezing. Hitting Frostbow can potentially backfire on enemies as she can freeze them when hit in cold retribution. Frostbow is often played to counter teams with rear DPS heroes. Her freezing capabilities, randomness of her Awakening ulti make her a chance hero who more often than not, goes beyond what she needs to do.


Ui words383 en Nobles


Ranger Ranger


Damage, Crowd Control


Ranger Equipment


Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
0 - - 13 42 70 98 127 155 183 212
10 240 268 297 325 353 410 438 467 495 523
20 580 552 580 608 637 665 693 722 750 778
30 807 835 863 892 920 948 977 1954 2780 3607
40 4434 5260 6087 6913 7740 8566 9393 10219 11049 11873
50 12699 13013 13117 13221 13324 13428 13532 13636 13739 13843
60 13947 17334 18241 19148 20054 20961 21868 22775 23681 24588
70 25495


Base Stats Edit

Star Level:



Other Stats Edit

ATK SPD: Normal
Frost RES: 5
Fire RES: 5
Thunder RES: 5

Rating Edit

Star Level Shards Needed Gold Needed SUR DPS SUP


10 C A B


20 C+ A+ B+


50 B S A


100 Ui jinbi100,000 B+ SS A+


150 A SSS S


200 A SSS S


300 Ui jinbi10,000,000 A SSS S

Upgrade Edit


Growth Table

Quality Level Requirement Grade Elixir Gold
Rare 1 Item 18 x 2 80
Rare+1 25 Item 18 x 4 2600
Rare+2 30 Item 18 x 6 9750
Epic 38 Item 18 x 15 17800
Epic+1 40 Item 18 x 20 26800
Epic+2 42 Item 18 x 30 33000
Epic+3 44 Item 18 x 50 97500
Legend 50 Item 18 x 80 162500
Legend+1 55 Item 18 x 100 283000
Legend+2 60 Item 18 x 150 445000
Legend+3 65 Item 18 x 200 445000

War Soul Edit

Brave Edit

Flame Level 1 2 3 4 5
Cost 5000Ui jinbi
WarSouls 100%



Departed Sentiment
Departed Sentiment Summon a flock of icy birds, dealing 300% ATK DMG+25 Ice DMG to a random enemy for 13s.

Frozen enemies will receive 20% more DMG from this skill. (Frostbow can attack but cannot gain Rage during this time.)







Frostbow unleashes a flock of ice hawks that strike single-enemies once every second at random over a duration of up to 13 seconds. Each strike deals up to 300% ATK + 100 Ice DMG. Each strike deals more DMG if the opponent is frozen. Frostbow is free to activate basic attacks and generate rage during the entire duration of the awakening.

Talents Edit

Basic Attack Edit

Frostbow shoots an ice arrow or ice hawk that bursts and damages the primary target for 150% ATK and up to 2 other targets within close range for 50% ATK. Each attack on the primary target has a 25% chance to freeze. Frostbow also generates 8 Rage for herself.

Talent Edit

Rank Talent Description
Superior Ice Barrier When attacked, 22% chance of freezing attacker for 3s. When awakened, mage troops also get awakened attacks.
Rare ATK SPD 4 ATK SPD +20%
Epic Rage 4 Increases base Rage by 25 when joining battle
Legend Power Leak 3 Reduce enemies' ATK by 11%
Mythic Icy Insight Every time opponent is frozen, Frostbow get +4% Attack and +10% ATK SPD (Max 10 stacks). This effect will always be activated during battle


Heroes Five DMG Rage and DMG Immune rate +8%


Plumed Forest Melee DMG, Bow DMG, and MAG immune rate +8% Max Final DMG Reduce +5%

Hero Fate Gear AwakeningEdit

Teleport to the front of the formation and summon a whirlwind, dealing DMG 13 times to 10 enemy units, and siphon a total of 50 Rage, split evenly, from female targets. If enemy team has 2 or more than 2 female heroes, enemy defensive buffs are removed before DMG is dealt.

Frostbow is invincible and can't be interrupted during this time.

Obtained byEdit

Frostbow was available as a promo Hero during the first week of any player's gameplay. Players have to achieve 54,000 BP and be VIP 4 in order to acquire 140 Frostbow shards.

  1. Legion Shop (1200 Legion Coins)
  2. Lair
  3. Gem Chest (seasonal)
  4. Hero Chest


Prior to version 1.09, Frostbow's Awakening DMG was not factored into the final DMG count for each Hero at the DMG counter at the end of an instance or match. Hence, her DPS capabilities were significantly higher than that which is reflected.

An advantage Frostbow has over most Bow heroes is the randomness of her awakening, allowing for the striking of more frail Rear heroes.



Lian Shi's artwork in Dynasty Warriors 7

Historically, Frostbow is based off Lady Bu/Bu LianShi (Lady Bù (歩夫人) [1], often fictionally adapted to depict her as a crowssbow user to illustrate her lack of a militaristic background [2].


Common Hero

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