Ingame V1.12f

Available at LV 42, Formations add another strategic layer of hero setup. Formations provide buffs for all deployed heroes. Different formations grant different various bonuses. Find the right formation for your favorite teams to maximize their potential.

Formation Types and Restrictions

Basic Formations:

✔ Immediate effect upon upgrade. 

Upgrade Formations:

✔ Basic Formation must reach LV 20 to unlock.

Can only choose one out of different formations to obtain bonus effects. 

✔ Formation upgrades are not shared.

✔ You can switch formations when out of combat.

Rare Formations:

✔ Basic Formation must reach LV 20 to unlock.

✔ All rare formation buffs are effective simultaneously.

Requires special items to unlock, and can only be upgraded then.

Formation Upgrades: 

Item 195 陣法殘章

Formation upgrades require Array Pages and Gold.

Array Pages can be purchased from the War Stadium Shop, and obtained (with low chance) from War Stadium Chests. Buy 5 for 500 War Stadium Shop Pts.

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