The bread and butter of any army. Footmen cover the frontlines and protect your heroes from damage. With and without shields, they come packed with an arsenal of taunts and crowd control abilities.

CMD CostEdit

3 points


Tank, Control


All rounder.


Cavalry, Mage, Dancer, Catapult


Skill Description
Defense Stance Enter defense stance by default when summoned. Shield blocks (max HP*20%) DMG. When attacked, blocks 80% DMG (Shield takes 80% DMG, and shield holder takes 20% DMG). Can't block DMG when shield is broken.
Shield Blast Increases your shield's HP to 30% of your own HP. When broken, the shield will explode, damaging up to 4 nearby units for 80% ATK.
Defender Heavily armored infantry that isn't dented by arrows, but is susceptible to spells.
Magic Resist Reduce DMG taken from Mages by 25%.


Awakening Description
Shield Enhancement (Shielded) Shield will not lose HP for the next 5s. During this duration, Footman cannot attack, will not be knocked back or away, and is immune to all control effects. All hostile melee units will focus attack on the Footman.
Trample (Unshielded) Damages enemies within 200 range in front for 100% ATK and stuns them for 1s.