Chapter 2: Fierra Edit

The second legion boss you can battle against - called the Mega Devourer

Bonus time: defeat within 3 days to gain +200 personal resources (legion coin)

Monster Skills: Edit

Furious Maw Edit

  • Bite a target that deals 200% damage, if damage dealt is more than 10% of targets max HP - target is devoured and restores Fierra's HP. Initial testing shows it can kill heroes below 25K HP.

Crouching TigerEdit

  • Deals 100% attack damage and a 30% chance to stun for 8s.

Indomitable FireEdit

  • 100% arrow immunity, 100% magic damage bonus, deals less 40% damage to melee heroes and 40% to all other types. Fierra is immune to defense reduction effects.

Firecloud ChainEdit

  • Rage Attack: Deals 150% attack damage, interrupts most skills, knocks heroes away and stuns them for 5s

Recommended Heroes: Edit

  • Unrager
  • Red Mask
  • MG-X13
  • X-MK III
  • Charger

Unrager Red Mask MG-X13 X-MK III Charger

Strategy: Edit

Brave Cross - Fierra Max Damage Tips

Brave Cross - Fierra Max Damage Tips

It is recommended to not bring any archers as they barely do damage.

For maximum damage (easy to obtain team): Luna, Starseer, any 3x heroes that are not archers - use mages and hope for the best.

(harder to obtain team): Unrager, Dynast, Red Mask, MG-X13 - this team has a high survivability being mostly melee heroes and reduces Fierra's rage to prevent his awakening skill from wiping out your troops. MG-X13 has a chance of interrupting the awakening if you time your own awakening right while Unrager, Dynast and Red Mask reduce the rage gain of Fierra.