1. Battle against other Legions for control across 28 cities. Get precious upgrade materials and rare Hero Shards. Trade your points at the Siege Shop for Fate Gear and Shards of the mighty Imperion.

2. Aeternus is available for hire. A practitioner of dark revival arts, Aeternus wreaks havoc on the field with his Netherbeast and blasphemous resurrections! A powerful wizard who packs utmost firepower.

3. Fate Weapon Scrolls and Armor/Trinket Scrolls you don't need can be traded in for 50 Pts and 25 Pts respectively.

4. Banner Conquest Revisions:

a. Previous day Legion Banner Conquest Ranking added.
b. Increased Banners plundered each time. Reduced daily plunders. c. Attackers get no Banners for a failed plunder. Defenders keep their Banners on a successful defense. d. Defenders retain their current HP after each battle until they are defeated. e. Current day plunders are shown during the Banner Conquest tally phase.

5. Hero revisions:

i. Increased Alice’s Awakening duration. The higher her Star LV, the longer the duration.
ii. Alice’s Awakening reduces 65% AoE DMG and 90% single-target DMG (Ineffective against Hanzo).
iii. Alice clears all debuffs when her Rage is full.

iv. Alice’s DMG Reflection raised to 100%, and range raised to 400.

b. MG-X13:
i. MG-X13 clears all debuffs when his Rage is full.
ii. Adversity revised: Reduce 4% DMG received for every 12% HP lost. DMG reduction effect is lost when HP is restored. When HP is over 75%,  each attack restores +2 Rage, and each received attack restores +1 Rage.
iii. MG-X13 reflects DMG when using skills.
i. Fire Defense revised: -25% DMG reduced when Awakening. During transformation, Flamefist is immune to Slow. Attackers also don't gain Rage, 50% of received DMG is converted into HP, with 40% chance to Calm and Silence for 4s.
i. Azure Affection revised: 20% chance to be immune to DMG when receiving Basic Attacks and Countered. When Calmed, 90% chance to remove this debuff and empty assailant's Rage. Effect is reduced 50% when attacked by targeted Awakenings (X-MK III and Hanzo).
ii. Fixed Sohee’s mirage DMG display error (ignores 40% DEF) to actual effect of ignoring 15% DEF.

6. UI optimization:

a. Added Reset Counter message to Wings Upgrade.
b. Added DMG and Healing to damage meters.

c. Gem Chest UI revised. Added notice when a hero is drawn. d. Reload UI and countdown display optimization.