NOTE: Each legion can only occupy ONE city. Winning both the defense and attack will forfeit one city.

  • There are 2 City Sieges each week, starting Mon and Thu. Each Siege lasts 3 days. Days 1 and 2 are to sign up, Day 3 is the Siege phase.
  • Legion Officers may choose to sign up and choose a city to occupy.
  • If a city is targeted by more than 2 Legions, the top 2 Legions with most Banners get Siege Rights to attack the city.
  • There are 2 Siege rounds on Siege day. Each Siege round consists of: City Choice -> Troop Movement -> Battle
  • To prepare for battle, you assign teams of 3 heroes each (Front, Mid and Rear). Wizards can be in Mid and Rear slots. The main hero doesn't have to be deployed. This happens on the first 12 hours of siege day.
  • Heroes below more than 5 levels of your main hero can't be deployed.
  • You can field as many teams as you have heroes that meet the level requirement!
  • Each team can win a maximum of 2 times. Their HP is carried through each battle they fight.
  • Remember to always assign your teams and DISPATCH your team to the city you want to attack or defend. The game will not auto assign and place your teams in the city.


  • Legion members can repair held city walls or damage invaded city walls via Siege Dailies.
  • City wall HP affects defending Hero stat bonuses; the lower the HP, the higher the penalty.
  • Wall HP is 1000 when a city is first occupied. If the incumbent Legion successfully defends the 1st battle round, the city's wall HP is reduced by 500.
  • If the city is vacant - there is a 30 team AI garrison. Their levels depend on the value of the city. Weakest cities have level 40 defenders.


  • City Occupation:
  • Invade and hold cities to gain constant rewards.
  • The 1st wave of cities is available 7 days after a server launches. All cities are released gradually within 21 days of a server launch.
  • City rewards are regularly updated. Keep a look out for the latest loot!


21 days Vermilia

Refining Crystals

20 500 Gems 80
Aeternus Shards 3
21 days Azuryn Wing Upgrader 40 500 Gems 80
Sohee Shards 3
21 days Lvorfang War Soul Elixir 80 500 Gems 80
Peony Shards 3
21 days Onyxus Gems 300 500 Gems 80
Hanzo Shards 3
14 days Blazen Grade Elixir 80 300 Gems 50
Red Mask Shards 3
14 days Galen War Soul Elixir 50 300 Gems 50
Unrager Shards 3
14 days Aquen Refining Crystals 50 300 Gems 50
Punisher Shards 3
14 days Terren Gems 200 300 Gems 50
Fleur Shards 3
7 days Strathos Gems 100 200 Gems 30
Aria Shards 3
7 days Erphen Refining Crystals 5 200 Gems 30
Lucence Shards 3
7 days Wotyr Wing Upgrader 15 200 Gems 30
Noire Shards 3
7 days Fyeri Wing Enhancer 15 200 Gems 30
MG-X13 Shards 3
7 days Wynn Grade Elixir 30 200 Gems 30
Kirynite Shards 3
7 days Bollt Gold 300k 200 Gems 30
Alice Shards 3
7 days Valleus War Soul Elixir 20 200 Gems 30
Berzerker Shards 3
7 days Sierra Gems 100 200 Gems 30
Terra Shards 3


7 days Sho Gem 50 100 None -
7 days Nyu Gems 50 100 None -
7 days Hoa Gold 100k 100 None -
7 days Toha Gold 100k 100 None -
7 days Lonn Gems 50 100 None -
7 days Shee War Soul Elixir 10 100 None -
7 days Mha Gold 100k 100 None -
7 days Yhan War Soul Elixir 10 100 None -
7 days Hou Gold 100k 100 None -
7 days Zhee Gems 50 100 None -
7 days Gau War Soul Elixir 10 100 None -
7 days Jhu War Soul Elixir 10 100 None -

Siege ShopEdit

  • Storm cities for Siege Pts and trade them in for awesome stuff at the Siege Shop.
  • Get Dragoon and Imperion Fate Gear, and even the powerful Imperion himself!

City Siege Tips Edit

Win by numbers Edit

City siege is one by having more teams remaining when the battle ends. Thus a weaker legion with more teams can easily beat a stronger legion with less teams. For example a stronger legion with 30 teams will lose against a weaker legion with 61 teams. This is because even if the stronger legion wins all battles - they can only beat up to 60 teams (1 team can win a maximum of 2 times). So the weaker legion can still win since they have one more team.

Check Sign-ups Edit

Check the city you're legion is attack and what other players have signed up for it. If the city is occupied, check if the team holding the city have signed up for other cities. Usually teams will favor attack so you may attack a city against a stronger legion if you know they will be aiming for another city.

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