Hephaestus, the Vanguard of the Imperials, frequents the volcanic regions where he trains. He also has a penchant for all things shiny. Lugging a huge pot of molten magma on his back, he has been smiting jewel after jewel of various qualities, all the while slaying all prospective merchants and explorers who dare tread on his hallowed grounds.

Brave Cross - Blood Jewels (normal)

Brave Cross - Blood Jewels (normal)

Mission ObjectiveEdit

Destroy Hephaestus within the time limit to earn jewels for Hero upgrading.

Notable AbilitiesEdit

  1. Blood Fury: (Talent) +50% ATK SPD when HP is below 80%. Immune to Rage Reduction effects when HP is below 60%. All DMG reduced 24% when HP is below 40%. Immune to DMG from zither-wielding heroes and -51% Bow DMG when HP is below 30%. Restore (1*Hero Star LV*Hero LV) HP/s and restore +3 Rage on each ATK received. Effects fade if healed.
  2. Demonic Might: (Awakening) Zones in on targets with lowest HP and executes them when their HP is even lower. If timed correctly, Hephaestus can go on an execution rampage.
    Brave Cross - Hephaestus CRUSH

    Brave Cross - Hephaestus CRUSH


3 attempts every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday




Azurite - Blue Gem
Violetine - Purple Gem
Amberite - Orange Gem - normal and above only
Crimsonite - Red Gem

Recommended HeroesEdit

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