Chapter 4: Asura Edit

White Beard - A pirate from another world who revels in the chaos of the world.

Monsters Skills: Edit

Thunderhead Edit

  • Summons a bombardment on enemy troops every 0.3s. Rocks that hit enemies will explode and deal 250% ATK DMG + 5% Max HP to 2 other targets in 200 range. 40% chance to Stun and Calm targets for 3s. You can ignite shells by tapping on them before they contact enemies. Summon lasts 4s.

Scattershot Edit

  • Carpet-bombs enemy vicinity, dealing 500% ATK DMG to each hero. If enemy team has Footmen, each Footman blocks DMG once 1 hero and reduces DMG by 80%.

Stone Shell Edit

  • Deals 2.5x DMG to female heroes. Immune to Magic DMG (Mages, Bards, Wizards). Receives 2x DMG from Front heroes, and 2.5x DMG from AoE skills. All attacks ignore 20% DEF. Attack interval is permanently 1.5. Permanently immune to DEF Reduction effects.

Rupturing Burst Edit

  • Deal 500% ATK DMG to all enemies. 20% of dealt DMG is converted to HP. Each skill used in a single battle increases this skill's DMG by 200% (500% the 1st time, 700% the 2nd time, 900% the 3rd time, etc.).

Recommended Heroes:Edit