New Astra Soul feature tests your strategy and wits!

Get Starsouls from the Astra Soul System to give your beloved heroes a much-needed boost.

In every hero’s lifetime, there is a limit to how many Starsouls they can possess in their destinies. It’s up to you to choose which Starsouls to equip on class. Turn them into a powerhouse against those who would usually wipe the floor with them!

Astra Soul IntroductionEdit

  • Main source of Starsouls . Use Gold to get 1 Starsoul chance
  • Astra Soul Types, there are 5 tiers: Trium Tier, Penta Tier, Sevn Tier, Viola Tier, Illum Tier
  • Starsouls spawned in each tier differ
Trium Tier
Ui background685
Penta Tier
Ui background682
Sevn Tier
Ui background684
Viola Tier
Ui background683
Illum Tier
Ui background681
Gold Starsoul Gold Starsoul Gold Starsoul EXP Starsoul EXP Starsoul
Superior Starsoul Superior Starsoul Superior Starsoul Superior Starsoul Superior Starsoul
Rare Starsoul Rare Starsoul Rare Starsoul Rare Starsoul
Epic Starsoul Epic Starsoul
Legend Starsoul

* Mythic Starsouls are not available yet

Astra Soul UpgradeEdit

  • Chance to trigger the next tier’s Astra Soul
  • Completing Illum tier or Astral Soul failure reverts the process back to Trium tier

Astral Soul ConsumptionEdit

  • Astral Soul uses Gold. Different Astral Soul types require different amounts of Gold usage
  • You can perform Astra Soul 1x, 10x, 50x or 100x (15k, 300k, 1,5M or 3M)

Viola Gem SummonEdit

  • Use 50 Gems to start from Viola tier
  • Gem Summon up to 20 times daily

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