The Arena is a battle ring that sees players competing for the highest Arena ranking that they can achieve. The higher the achieved rank, the better the daily rewards of Arena Coins, Gems, and EXP Elixirs. Battles in the arena are automated and the player has no control over the awakenings of their characters.

Arena teams are made out of 5-Heroes, with their overall Battle Power (BP) calculated to represent the team to potential challengers. BP is used as a gauge to ascertain which opponents to challenge. You may select an opponent to view their heroes and gauge if your team can counter theirs. You may change the 5 opponents with no cost.

The difference between the total star level between teams increase the damage dealt and decreases damage recieved of the higher star level team.

Common and/or Popular Arena HeroesEdit

Common Arena teams include triple-healer teams and Peony-fronted teams. The former seeks to heal in excess to survive opponent's DPS before the arena timer runs out and is often used to retain an arena rank rather than challenge a higher ranked player. The latter seeks to prevent or delay opponent awakenings through Peony-male Hero quick rage generation, control and DPS.

Common and/or Ideal or Popular heroes are as follows:

  1. Aegis
  2. Aria
  3. Dire Zion
  4. Dragoon
  5. Ebonwolf
  6. Flamefist
  7. Fleur
  8. Fleurine
  9. Frostbow
  10. Hanzo
  11. Imperion
  12. Kirynite
  13. Lucence
  14. Luna
  15. Noire
  16. Peony
  17. Phantom
  18. Sohee

Misc. Edit

A player's Main Hero/Lord will always be one of 5 participants in the Arena, serving the role of Supporter, Healer and occasional Awakening Interruptor if his/her awakening coincides with channeling or initial awakenings of other Heroes.